" The rest is still unwritten.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Fifty Shades of Music

So I've been really hooked to Fifty Shades trilogy especially the soundtrack. I finished the 3 books already and I am rereading them again. :)

 I decided to compile them and I downloaded them all!:) You could search everything on youtube :)

Here's the list:

Fifty Shades of Grey 
The Flower Duet Leo DelibesCar after the elevator
Sex On Fire Kings of LeonCar journey after the elevator 
Bach Marcello James RhodesChristian's sad side - piano
Misfit Amy StudtMaking breakfast
Im On Fire Bruce SpringsteenDriving back to WSU when Elliot interrupted and called "Did you get laid?"

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sun. Sand. Beach.

Sun. Sand. Beach.

I've been so busy with a lot of stuff lately. I made this post cause I really miss the Philippines especially the beach. 

Last June 29-July 2, my girlfriends and I went to Coron, Palawan. It is so far the best I've been to for relaxing and just beach bumming. If you haven't been to this place, you are missing a lot. I will soon create a post about Palawan and my other trips when I am more settled here in my new environment. :)

What I wore:
Top: Bikini used as

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Waterfall Skirt

This is what I wore last June 9, 2012 at Civil Engineering Oath Taking. :)
What I wore:
Dress: The Ramp
Bangles: Love Pixie
Ring: Aldo
Shoes: Heelless shoes by Janylin

Got invitation from whatiwear.com! Check out my new account here  :)

My dress was kinda daring thinking that everyone in that convention was Civil Engineers and

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy International Women's Day!

March 8, 2012

I saw this from my draft folder! Super late post! haha it's funny cause I'm reviewing for board exams and I am still partying with my girls! I bet I was really stressed?... or not? :)) We party just for fun and bonding, nothing else. Clean and green!:)

It's International Women's day! :)) We always have reasons to go out. We've been partying since HS and we never get tired with it. We used to party at Jaipur but it is already closed now! We also love to go to organized parties by other schools with entrance fees and we also organized parties! Memories, memories!:))

We always have reasons to

Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Short and quick post!
And again, too busy for blog updates :( Cause I'm always out including Sundays!
I only have a month to spend my bum life and it's all work after :)
Can't wait to share to you guys the places I have visited already!

Anyway, this is what I wore to my Lasallian Civil Engineer friends' despedida. 

Hat: Mom bought in Ilocos
Shades: DIY chained sunnies
Dress: From

Sunday, June 10, 2012

She's back!

Hi everyone!:) I've been gone for too long and I really do need some catching up! I have lots of backlogs and I am still so busy. I don't know where to start but here I go :)

Turban: From BKK
Top: Swimsuit
Shorts: DIY
Jacket: Leather Jacket
Boots: DM's

I was gone because I studied for my board exams. I had my exam last May 6 and 7, 2012. The results was given after three days! Those three days were the longest days of my life! Haha 

Anyway, we had this shoot I think last March. Photos by

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Coffee Beanery: Unlimited Cakes and Coffee

March 7, 2012

When Chelsea and I study, we stay at malls in coffee shops, cake shops etc. Any place where we could study. We've been doing this since first year college and it is a bit expensive so we try to look for places that are friendly to our wallets. And so we tried the Unlimited Cakes and Coffee of The Coffee Beanery at Shangrila Mall, Mandaluyong. It is only worth 150. The promo includes

Happy 4th Month Baby!

March 4, 2012

After having my photoshoot with Putograft and Paresatbp, which I will upload soon, my sister and her husband's family picked me up at Fort. As you've seen on my previous posts, my sister always celebrates my niece's month birthday celebration until she turns 1!:) I thought that I will miss

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Summer after highschool when we first met.

March 2, 2012

What I wore:
Necklace: Gold Neckpiece
Earrings: F21
Dress: DIY - Sari-Sari Store
Shoes: Animal Print with Gold

More photos on the wedding here.

Here's what I wore to Jasper and Tin's Wedding :)
I've been thinking for an outfit on their wedding for days and I'm glad I came up with this outfit. Did you know that this is my Graduation ball dress in High school? Yes! Just made few

Jasper and Tin's Wedding!♥

March 2, 2012

*Some photos from Tophey :)
Been super busy that I am updating super late!
Watch their video here and be in love. I want to get married already.....NOT!:)) 

This is the wedding I was telling you about on my previous post and I am so happy for them! They've been together for almost 7 years and everyone is so happy with this wedding. I wonder what's on Tin's poser 's FB. :)) 

Tophey said he will pick me up around 3pm but he came around 4! And the wedding starts at 4pm! Argh. Good thing I live near C5 exit, and there was no traffic! 

We were at Alabang South Exit around 4:20pm but directions got crazy so we arrived there around 5:30 or 6:00pm. We came in super late! It really sucks. This is the very first time that I'll be excited to watch a wedding then

Monday, March 05, 2012

Maginhawa Street: Pipino Vegetarian Food by Pino

February 28, 2012

Had lunch with friends after review at Maginhawa Street again :) Tophey and I had a deal, if I will be late in class, I'll treat him and if I don't, he will. I came from a night out so he doubted I'll be on time. 5 minutes before 8am I arrived and he was too shocked! Haha so this was a free lunch for me!:) We ate at Pipino, a vegan restaurant. :) I only used

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Garage 88

Pre-wedding Celebration for Jasper!

February 27, 2012

Last Monday, we decided to call our friends for a meet up to celebrate Jasper's last days of being single cause he is about to get married that week. 
Chelsea and I first studied and solved few problems before the celebration at Krispy Kreme, BHS. 
We decided to go to Garage 88 to drink and celebrate!:) 
Jeric and Ysa :)

First plan was to stay at Kabisera BHS but it closes too early for us! So we decided to

Friday, March 02, 2012

Tripod: Tapa Party!

February 25, 2012

Met with my two best girl friends!:)
Our first plan was to eat lunch at Fort like to catch up cause we haven't seen each other for decades already!:)) But Ysa was

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


February 27, 2012

What I wore:
Top: Sheer Mint Blouse
Skirt: Animal Print -Leopard from BKK
Necklace: Fringe
Belt: Leopard Print from BKK
Shoes: Sewn

My blockmate is already getting married on Friday! Soo happy for them :) Chelsea and I