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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Coffee Beanery: Unlimited Cakes and Coffee

March 7, 2012

When Chelsea and I study, we stay at malls in coffee shops, cake shops etc. Any place where we could study. We've been doing this since first year college and it is a bit expensive so we try to look for places that are friendly to our wallets. And so we tried the Unlimited Cakes and Coffee of The Coffee Beanery at Shangrila Mall, Mandaluyong. It is only worth 150. The promo includes
unlimited slices of cakes and brewed coffee.

This is the list of the cakes they sell. Not everything is offered when you avail the promo, it depends on the cake available on that day.
The store is located at the 5th floor of Shang.
The brewed coffee that I love! I'm a fan of coffee so I enjoyed this. Unfortunately, you can't stress yourself to drink too many of this! I had two rounds of this with cream of course :) 
I first tried the Chocolate Pastillas cake. They serve in a very thin slice which is a clever thing to do so as the costumers will try more of their cakes and will not get full that easily. The cake was moist and my rating is just okay, nothing really special. 
My second pick was the snickers caramel, I didn't like the cake 'cause it was dry and the caramel has bits of sugar, it wasn't that smooth.
Chelsea was able to try this and she said that it was the best of all the cakes she tried there. 
I tried the Devil's Food cake and I loved it. I saw some reviews about it and they didn't like this. I liked it maybe because it was my first time to try this and I don't have any comparison with other devil food's cake. It was very moist and served cool.
We weren't able to try this Swiss Alps but we tried the Macadamia Cake and it was okay, not really a favorite. I love Macadamia nuts but this was too much overloaded.

We stayed there from 12-7pm and spending 150 is worth the price! :)) But the cakes we've tried aren't something we have to go back to.

Try it yourself!:)

The rest is still unwritten,
♥ Ira

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