" The rest is still unwritten.: Happy 4th Month Baby!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happy 4th Month Baby!

March 4, 2012

After having my photoshoot with Putograft and Paresatbp, which I will upload soon, my sister and her husband's family picked me up at Fort. As you've seen on my previous posts, my sister always celebrates my niece's month birthday celebration until she turns 1!:) I thought that I will miss
her 4th month, I'm so glad the photoshoot ended early than expected. We went to Heritage Park, where they always go to.

My sister with the sleeping beauty!:)
They love to fly kites cause it's really windy there :) 
Conti's Chocolate Almond Sansrival
I bought a cake at Conti's which took me so long to decide on. I've been to all the cake stores in Fort and finally my sister agreed on Chocolate Almond Sansrival. This is chewy cause it's a Sansrival but I'm happy they were satisfied with this but I'm not! haha
Cake for your month birth but for us to eat! sorry bb!:))
My very cute niece! I miss you baby! 
We never had a good photo together!:) 
She just woke up! :) 
Me, my sister and husband's family! 
She makes me so macho! She's so heavy!:))

I missed blogging! I will stay at my blockmate's house tomorrow until first week of May to study so I am trying to update everything tonight!:)

Thanks for reading!

The rest is still unwritten,
♥ Ira 

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  1. so beautiful baby!happy birthday to her!!
    amazing post!