" The rest is still unwritten.: Sun. Sand. Beach.

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Sun. Sand. Beach.

Sun. Sand. Beach.

I've been so busy with a lot of stuff lately. I made this post cause I really miss the Philippines especially the beach. 

Last June 29-July 2, my girlfriends and I went to Coron, Palawan. It is so far the best I've been to for relaxing and just beach bumming. If you haven't been to this place, you are missing a lot. I will soon create a post about Palawan and my other trips when I am more settled here in my new environment. :)

What I wore:
Top: Bikini used as
Top, gift, from Australia

Cover-up: Sheer Cardigan
Skirt: DIY Fishtail Skirt (click to learn how)

After all the beaches I have been to, I am so tan!<3 We're so lucky the weather went well.
The powder sand of Malcapuya beach! Look at my burnt arms! haha

Floppy hat I bought in Vigan for only P120.00!:)

Beach bum plus ipod plus beer, so relaxing.
Mine was the apple flavor! hihi. I love how light it is and tastes like Cali!
Aerial cartwheel!:)

I miss Palawan so bad :(
And PI also.

Thanks for stopping by!

The rest is still unwritten,


  1. wow, wonderful pictures :) you look so so pretty and the outfit is stunning! wish I could be there right now, the water is so blue and clear *_*

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  2. Nice skirt sweety... Love your blog do you mind following each other?

  3. Love the skirt girl! I've always wanted to go to Palawan, hopefully next year! <3


  4. Hi Ira! It's my first time to drop by on your blog, and it's awesome. The colors are sooo cute, perfect for Palawan! And oooh, wanna have that hat! <3


  5. Great Blog!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC?


  6. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.